Spring Cleaning — & Documentary Production

Yesterday the local newspaper carried a special section on spring cleaning.
This distressed me because I’m in no mood for cleaning anything.
I’m in the last throes of the production of “Rebels on Lake Erie” – and my husband is trying to finish his documentary, “Soljer Boy,” about Portage County in the Civil War.
Two documentaries being produced at the same time in the same household.
No wonder our Christmas tree is still up, and presents are still piled in the living room.
Time stands still and domestic chores are ignored when a producer is working on a documentary.
There are just too many things to do — the last minute corrections that Western Reserve Public Media wants before the Rebels documentary is broadcast on April 23 at 10 p.m., organizing a public preview (Thursday, April 19, at the Quaker in Akron), getting up a Facebook page, and working on this blog…. You get the idea.
The work of a producer never seems to be done.
It’s not that I don’t have help.
My cats – all five of them (Si, Mongo, Joe, Bailey, Karen) – are trying. Everyday I come home to a freshly smashed glass Christmas tree bulb. It’s only a matter of time before the whole Christmas tree is bare.
My dog – a German Shepherd named Sadie – is always at my feet, encouraging me to fix that moire pattern or work on my music cue sheet. She’s also pro-active, pulling down the last of the Christmas lights that still cling to bushes outside.
My daughter suggests that I might need to hire someone to help me clean – or, at least, take down that embarrassing Christmas tree. Impossible, I respond. I’d have too much cleaning to get the house ready to be cleaned.
Everything is just going to have to wait until after April 23. Wish me luck.
–Kathleen Endres

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