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Welcome to Rebels on Lake Erie – the Blog.
This blog is designed to give you the inside story of the documentary, “Rebels on Lake Erie,” which will be premiering in Ohio in April. But it also will deal with broader questions of the Civil War from an Ohioan’s perspective.
The documentary itself deals with the Confederate prisoner-of-war depot on Johnson’s Island in Sandusky Bay and the abortive attempt to liberate it. You’ll find out about the Northwest Conspiracy, a college-educated Virginia pirate and plots and schemes hatched by the Confederates in Canada.
Ah, it’s just the right blend of adventure, intrigue and history to make a riveting hour of television.
This blog is written by me, Kathleen Endres, producer, director, writer, researcher, publicist, caterer and go-fer for the documentary.
As if those aren’t enough hats to wear, I also teach in the School of Communication at The University of Akron. My specialty is journalism and historical research.
Stay tuned to the blog for some strange, inside stories of the Rebels on Lake Erie, some great Civil War music, and some fun.
Kathleen L. Endres

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