My Son Jon

Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, my son Jon
Went to bed with his stockin’s on,
One shoe off, one shoe on,
Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling, my son Jon

Twenty four years ago, my son would giggle with delight when I recited that silly nursery rhyme.
Jon’s always been a good sport.

Over the past year, I’ve tested the bounds of his sweet nature as I worked on the documentary, “Rebels on Lake Erie.

“Jon,” I’d whine, “could you do me a favor?”
At first, he’d respond, with an upbeat “sure.” Then I’d ask him to animate a map that would trace John Beall’s route from Detroit to Kelley’s Island on Lake Erie. Or I’d ask for a map that would illustrate General Grant’s war plans in Summer 1864. Since Jon was teaching himself AfterEffects, this gave him an opportunity to show off.

Eventually, Jon got wiser.
My inquiry, “could you do me a favor?” was met with an equivocal “maybe.” Then I’d ask him to Photoshop a picture — or two — or 10 – or 20. Since Jon’s an ace at Photoshop, I didn’t hear that many complaints.

Lately, my inquiry, “could you do me a favor?” has been met with his own question, “got any money?” Rather than put on my motherly guilt look, I just pull out a $20 and thanked my stars that my son Jon’s so talented — and that he’s willing and able to do all the animations, Photoshop work, and anything else that my editor and I can dream up.

Jon’s an English major at The University of Akron. After six years, he’s close to graduation. When he walks across the stage at EJ Thomas this August, his father and I will applaud wildly. We’ll wish him only the best – a wonderful job and a happy life.

We’d like to think we’ve been helpful to him along the way. We’ve encouraged him, praised him, answered his MLA questions, reassured him, paid his bills – and taken advantage of his talents. How many other 24-year-old English majors have had an opportunity to work on documentaries, do voiceovers, design logos, do videos and animate maps (or anything else)?

So when you tune in to “Rebels on Lake Erie” (April 23 at 10 p.m. on WNEO/WEAO), I’d like you to watch for the animated maps, the photos that look flawless and the graphics that capture the mood – and remember Diddle, Diddle Dumpling, my son Jon.

One thought on “My Son Jon

  1. Nice tribute to your son, Kitty! I can’t wait to see this film–will it be accessible via the web after April 23?

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